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My March Clicks

We went to the homeschool convention this month.

While I did not attend any lectures or hear any guest speakers, I did visit the exhibit hall.  I must say that I was really disappointed.  It may be a little harsh to say this, but it was not what I had expected.  I felt that with the wide variety of resources and tools available to those of us that homeschooled, that there should have been more booths dedicated to these resources.  Most of us are not looking for colleges yet, and most of us were not looking to enrich our Christian ideals or fellowship.  We were there solely for the educational tools and resources that would help us to be better educators. Continue reading

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My February Clicks



This covers ALL math!  This is by far the best math app that I have seen.


Truly this has to be the coolest yet.  I have looked at several apps and found this one ideal for history and science taught the classical way.  Full of activities for students, including quizes.


I have been looking for ways to meet core standards.  Despite the problems and current environment surrounding this rather hot issue, I have found that many of the standards, particularly in history, are emphasizing things that we, as classical home-schooling families, already consider important to the logic and rhetoric stages: using document-based tools and lessons.

Internet History Sourcebooks

Reading Like a Historian

Library of Congres:  Constitution  Includes the Teacher’s Guide and Resources.  I am using these resources for a week’s study.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government An older site, but it displays well on a tablet.

The US Government’s Official Portal for Kids A great place for the grammar-stage learners.

http://free.ed.gov/ (BETA)

Bookshare.com (Free for schools and up to 100 books can be downloaded each month for the membership fee.)

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My January Clicks

I find neat links and tools for education every now and then.  I typically do pretty extensive searches during the month.  I thought I best share them!


My favorite is the Multiplication-Skip-Counting-Ring found here.  This was such a wonderful idea!

Quiet Time Activities – This is worth replicating in a similar fashion or purchasing.  I will let you know what I do.  I am thinking that I saved shoe boxes for a very good reason other than hoarding.

Life-Sized Felt Anatomy Model (DIY)  What better way to teach?  They can stick the pieces to their bodies.

I want to use this Plush Cell Model to create pillows for learning.  This is a great project to incorporate many life skills as well as creating the models of animal and plant cells for hands-on visual learning.

Hand Kite – this is great for play.

Organizing homeschool supplies and planning:

Homeschool Workbox, Lapbook Organizing, and Planning

Winning at Planning

Etsy.com – Chair organizers.  These are fabulous.


I was browsing Wikispaces too and found this space, which included K-12 teacher resources.  I like the list of objectives and resource links.



Free stories and e-books for the beginning reader

Internet4Classrooms has standards, printables, and online stories for reading.  This is only a smidge of what is there.  It is worth the browse.

Cool Math 4 Kids

In general, an idea that evolved from searching for Dolche words and phonetic families was the “World Wall” folder.  I love that these can be portable and that they are very hands-on.  I will post our Valentine and -ack word folders soon.  I found the greatest resource from Scholastic for word families.  Look for it during the dollar-deals days too.


I hope you had fun this month and  that these resources will help you create your own trunks for learning.


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Fun and Meaningful Resources

Resource Finds

I have been traveling around the net and searching through the multitude of catalogues looking for those items that make learning fun or different.  Of course, these things must be relevant to our need for the year, prove to be challenging, act as enrichment,encourage skill development, enhance content areas, et cetera.

I started looking for as many resources – workbooks, printables, cd-roms, web sites – as I could identify for this year.  Let’s just have a twist added to it so that it is purposeful and/or unique.

Here we go …


Life of Fred 

Balance Benders

Mathematical Reasoning

Memory Challenge

Make It Real Learning (When am I ever going to use math?)

Brainetices Math & Memory System

Figure This!

Math Cats

Reading and Literature

Reading Detectives


A Journey Through Grammar Land

Fun with Grammar: 75 Quick Activities & Games that Help kids Learn About Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs & More


Word Roots Software 

Vocabulary in the Content Areas, World History Middle School


Science Detective Software (in book too)

The Story of Science

Social Studies

KQ Time Traveler (App)

Wonders of Old Timeline (App)

World History Detective

Daily Mind Benders social Studies

You Decide!


Writing to Change the World (for teens, and very conversational)



Virtual Field Trips

Do not dismiss the lapbooks or folder games for any age.  These are fun, and creativity blossoms if you allow the child to produce and display according to their wishes.

Simple games like Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, Boggle, Othello, etc.  are great ways to help build a fact base and to develop critical thinking, as well as work on spelling, reading, vocabulary, and phonics!  A few of the traditional board games will serve you well and build healthy relationships in the family.

Keep it fun and simple.  Lessons do not have to be mundane and boring.  I do not think that homeschooling or after-schooling should be laden with the traditional textbooks at all times.  Consider that there are many forms of learning from the different teaching ideologies, i.e. Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and Classical methodologies.  Be sure to browse and study each so that you can apply in your own instructional setting.

Please share your own finds!  I rely on your input!

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