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I will confess that I did not focus on multiplication memorization last  year.  As a matter of fact, I handed my student a multiplication chart.

Oh yes, I did!  Our public education had already failed us miserably in this area of learning.

I was not going to “wait” for the facts, and I didn’t.  However, I use and used a variety of tools, and I require copy-work …. FOR MATH!

Download Multiplication Copywork (pdf) Zip File

You will find the zipped folder contains the multiplication fact copy-work from the 2’s to the 12’s. I do not see any reason to complete 0’s or 1’s. I do not think that you need any explanation for why. It should be rather evident.  However, I will be adding addition, subtraction, and division soon.  (I gathered multiplication early for the Hive!)

A few things more …

If you use a memory book organizer, I would encourage you to make a list of each set of facts on index cards or insert flashcards for each set.  Have your student read through them as you decide to schedule.  I add fact cards to Friday.  I change the set once I feel that most of the list is retained in memory.  I move them to another day for review.  (Being that we are fastly approaching the concept of inverse operations, I am using the triangle flashcards that are available at for review and practice.)

Memory:  Triangle Flashcards

In addition to the above, I created a multiplication and division practice book.

Multiplication Practice and Drill

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