Logic Year 3

Seventh Grade Resources

I must say that I feel that the charter school experience was one that I felt worth repeating this year, that is until we discovered the methodology of the new administrator.  As you can imagine, I elected instead to have my girls return home in October.  I think that you will find my schedule is less intensive this year, and my postings shall resume, and hopefully prove to be just as beneficial as they have been to others as they are also to me.

At this juncture, I felt that the history studies through to about the 1500’s were covered sufficiently for us to begin an early modern study.  Please look for this post and schedule in the future.  As you know, I tend to deviate greatly from the normal approaches.  I took a more unschooled approach to history this year by using research and reading while maintaining those classical techniques that I have come to depend upon and love.

This is our seventh grade line up:

Language Arts

Modern Spelling:  Dictation Day by Day

Simply Spelling

A Journey Through Grammar Land 1 & 2 w/Tests (finishing this book to move on to 3&4)

Write Source 2000, Hewitt Homeschooling Syllabus

Vocabulit Grade 7 / Level G  Perfection Learning (also available at Rainbow Resource)

Mathematics and Logic

The Fallacy Detective

Saxon Math, Homeschool 8/7  (also available at Rainbow Resource)

We have finished the levels.  However, we use the Gold and Green series, as well as Math In Real.

 Social Studies

A Child’s History of the World

 Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

 The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History

The Mammoth Book of How It Happened

History Scribe

MapTrek Maps, Knowledge Quest



Chemistry for the Logic Stage Elemental Science

(Nature Study & Journal and Great Scientist Study included.)


Hip-Hop Dance Study at Dance by Sherri

(Great Artist Study included.)


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