Logic Year 2

Sixth Grade Resources

This year has been increasingly more difficult.  I must say that while time is a factor that must be taken into consideration it is certainly something that is not easily gauged by myself.  I have struggled to choose resources that are faster in their delivery as well as more entertaining.  I am getting bored!

This is our sixth grade line up:

Language Arts

Modern Spelling:  Dictation Day by Day

Simply Spelling

A Journey Through Grammar Land 1 & 2 w/Tests

Vocabulary Bridges From English to Latin & Greek

Vocabulit Grade 6 / Level F  Perfection Learning


Mathematics and Logic

Orbiting with Logic

The Fallacy Detective

We will finish Level 5 and most of Level 6 this next year.  In addition to the books and worksheets, we adore our purchase of Math In Real Life.  We will begin the next book soon!


Social Studies

Mystery of History Volume 1
A Child’s History of the World
Streams of Civilization
Story of the World
Volume 1
The Victor Journey through the Bible



Biology for the Logic Stage Elemental Science

(Nature Study & Journal and Great Scientist Study included.)


Art and Music

We will be wrapping up our art and music and moving to the next books!  I’ll bet that you didn’t know that Drawing with Children had a sequel.


Where we go after we learn the basics is anyone’s best guess, but know this:  I will keep you posted.

Art with a Purpose Rod and Staff Books

Growing in Music Rod and Staff Books

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