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Please link your blog in the comments section of this page.  I would love to visit and repay in kind.I am sure that many of the readers at The Learning Trunk would like to visit too.  When you comment, list the name of your blog, subject content, and link.

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2 Responses to More Links and Blogs

  1. I love your Drawing with Children approach! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’d love for you to link to me! I’ve just read a smidge of your site and I love your analogies. Best learning is from connections like that. You’re likely to be rockin’ your kids’ education!

    I’m Bon Crowder, math mom, and I publish Math Is Not a Four Letter Word ( It’s a math education site for parents.

    Here’s the button code (I wonder if it will show up as a button, or keep the code… hmm…)

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