Journal Prompts Part 1

Narrative: writing in which the author tells a story, fact or fiction

    1. A flying saucer flies over head … tell the story.
    2. You were abducted by aliens before school.  Write a letter to your family on Earth.
    3. Create a story whose last lines will be as follows:  “The blue English-styled public phone booth faded eerily from site.  I knew that I was right all along.”
    4. You are a poster on the wall of your classroom.  You are tired of hanging on the wall and being poked all day.  What do you do at night when no one is around?
    5. Pretend you are not a person.  You can be anything that you can imagine, but a person.  Tell the story of what happened in a day.
    6. You woke up this morning to discover a that a huge castle appeared overnight.  In the window of the tallest tower, you see a person.  Tell the story.
    7. You are a plastic water bottle that is off to be recycled.  Tell the story of your adventure from trash to recycle.
    8. You can change places with any person or thing.  Tell the story of your experience.  Did you choose an object? animal? historical figure? present day person?
    9. Write a story that begins as follows:  “Somewhere over the dark rainbow …”
    10. Candy Land is not just a game anymore.
    11. You are a peppermint on the shelf at the local grocery store.  A person comes along and places you in the cart.  Describe your “peppermint” adventure.

Descriptive:  writing similar to expository but uses the five senses to pain a picture, imagery and detail

    1. Imagine that you are no bigger  than a nickel.  What does the world look like to someone that small?
    2. You are an iPod.  Describe your user.
    3. Finish this:  “I spy with my little eye …”
    4. Describe your favorite costume and dress-up moment.
    5. What comes next?  “I guess I should tell you what really happened next …”
    6. Describe the view out of your window.
    7. Finish this:  “Once I picked my nose”
    8. Pretend you are snooping around your house and find a disturbing photograph.  Describe it.
    9. You are at a swap-meet and find a neat box.  You purchase the box without opening it.  When you get home and open it, you discover what is inside.
    10. What is your worst habit?

Expository: writing whose purpose is to inform or explain the subject 

    1.  If you could eliminate one historical figure in history, who would it be and why?
    2. Time travel to the past is possible.  You are given one opportunity to travel.  Think of where and when you would go.  Explain why you made this choice.
    3. What do you think was the most important invention every made?  Why do you think this?
    4. You are walking through the woods and come upon an alien.  Explain to the alien how to navigate and to get around on this new planet.
    5. You can visit any one location on Earth.  What is your choice of location and why?
    6. Write the directions for “how to” use the toaster.
    7. Everyone does jobs and chores. Why do you do your job or chore?
    8. Your favorite band is coming to town.  They chose you to write an announcement to read on the local radio station.
    9. Imagine that you could be invited to a historical invent.  What would the invitation to this invent say?  How would you dress?
    10. You are chosen for a trip to the moon.  You can take three things with you.  What would you take and why?

Persuasive: writing whose purpose is to state an opinion and influence a reader

    1. Write a letter to your adult self. Remind your future self of the things that you don’t wish to forget or the things you wish them to do.
    2. Write for this title:  “There’s Nothing Left for You to Take”
    3. I love it when my computer freezes up.
    4. Teenagers deserve to have the worst jobs for the worst pay.
    5. What would happen if dogs ruled the world over people?
    6. Where do all of the mismatched socks go?
    7. Explain how to pretend that you are actually doing your school assignments.
    8. Explain why you really need to be grounded.
    9. Why should teenagers take over the family credit cards?
    10. Explain why texting is a skill that everyone should learn.

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