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I found that I needed to have a good read in order to “sike” myself up for the upcoming years.  My second daughter will be entering high school.  Her eighth year will be, in reality, the first year of high school.  I was extremely tired of creating advanced coursework when in fact a “jump” ahead in texts would serve well.   While I use an umbrella organization in order to qualify and to meet the regulations for homeschooling in South Carolina, I do want to make sure that I cross all of the t’s and dot all of the i’s.

Step One …

I began at the most expected place:, Brochures

  • A Guide for Homeschooling through High School
  • You Can Homeschool Through High School

A sample four-year high school planning form nudged my creative side.

Using my form or a similar form, plan the years according to the students goals and interests.  While this is an obvious notation for the plan, it became the focus for our academic outline.

Part of high school is earning course credits.  How many do I need in the state of South Carolina?  How many does my umbrella organization require?  This will and does affect my plan and my student’s goal setting.

I began to read through the PHA (Palmetto Homeschool Association) FAQs, and I found that I had even more questions.  What about a diploma? What about transcripts? What about testing?

I stopped and wrote down my additional questions on my desktop sticky note.  I went back to reading about credits.  It is a good idea not to rabbit trail before deciding how many courses and course credits will be needed or should be completed.  After much investigation, and based on the suggestions from PHA, I decided to meet the standard requirements.

Step Two …

Math: 4 Credits

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • 1/2 Trigonometry
  • 1/2 Pre-Calculus

Language Arts:  4 Credits

  • 4 years of concentrated grammar, composition, vocabulary, spelling, and literature study and application based on the classical rhetoric definition and traditional coursework

Science: 4 credits

  • Earth & Space
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Social Studies & History:  3 Credits

  • U.S. History from 1850 to Modern
  • World History & Cultures
  • 1/2 U.S. Government
  • 1/2 Economics

Physical Education: 1 Credit

  • 4 years will include an activity/class such as dance or yoga and a sport such as soccer each year for 1/4 credit

Computer Science: 1 Credit

  • Programming Logic & Application

Foreign Language: 1 Credit

  • Spanish I

Electives: 7 Credits

  • 1/2 Microcomputer Applications
  • 1/2 Health
  • Music
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Spanish II
  • 1/2  Photography
  • 1/2 Digital Imaging
  • Practical Skill
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

Total Credits Possible: 26

Total Credits Needed: 24

Coursework is now outlined.  I do feel much better.  I learned quite a bit from browse today as well.  HSLDA provided the best sample outlines.  I encourage you to use an outline.  I encourage you to change it often as professional interests evolve, specify, and change over the years.

  High School Academic PlanDownload Word Document

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