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This covers ALL math!  This is by far the best math app that I have seen.


Truly this has to be the coolest yet.  I have looked at several apps and found this one ideal for history and science taught the classical way.  Full of activities for students, including quizes.


I have been looking for ways to meet core standards.  Despite the problems and current environment surrounding this rather hot issue, I have found that many of the standards, particularly in history, are emphasizing things that we, as classical home-schooling families, already consider important to the logic and rhetoric stages: using document-based tools and lessons.

Internet History Sourcebooks

Reading Like a Historian

Library of Congres:  Constitution  Includes the Teacher’s Guide and Resources.  I am using these resources for a week’s study.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government An older site, but it displays well on a tablet.

The US Government’s Official Portal for Kids A great place for the grammar-stage learners. (BETA) (Free for schools and up to 100 books can be downloaded each month for the membership fee.)

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