Easy Notebook Studies

An Easy Notebook Study can be anything.  What I have chosen is to create journals for artists, scientists, composers, and nature.

I use a variety of resources to incorporate a study of a particular type into our subject content.  These studies are more or less developed in a Charlotte-Mason style, but not strictly so, and as such look much more like journals versus a formal study.  I use sketching, clip art, copy-work, summary, fact lists, et cetera.  My child is, at the time that I write this, in the fifth grade.  Much of the documentation or investigation will need guidance.

I wanted something gently led, but child developed.  Keeping things simple and easy are what work so well in our home.  This type of study is exactly what I gleamed from the Charlotte-Mason style of learning.  Therefore, it takes advantage of a wide range of documentation techniques.

The core of my approach is the composition notebook.  These notebooks have lined pages of good thickness, sturdy covers, and bound pages.  They are the perfect keeper for our studies.

Do you have a great idea for an Easy Notebook Study?  Let me know.

It’s More Than A Notebook!

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