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Journal Prompts Part 1

Narrative: writing in which the author tells a story, fact or fiction

  1. A flying saucer flies over head … tell the story.
  2. You were abducted by aliens before school.  Write a letter to your family on Earth.
  3. Create a story whose last lines will be as follows:  “The blue English-styled public phone booth faded eerily from site.  I knew that I was right all along.” Continue reading

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US History Movie List

We are popping popcorn with history!

Early American History

Black Robe (1991 R): Early settlers attempt to Christianize the Indians (VS)

The Crucible (1996 PG-13): Salem Witch Trials

The Last of the Mohicans (1992 R): French and Indian Wars settings (V)

The Patriot (2000 R): Revolutionary War setting (VL)

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4th of July 2014

We let it burn!

Lots of family and friends (new and old).  We came.  We burned.  We cleaned.

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Oh Hail!

I am sitting at the computer reading my favorite forum, The Well-Trained Mind, when very loud noises begin to frighten “the pants off of me”. It was hail! It was lots of hail!

Of course, being from the south, we ran outside to watch it rain hail. Honestly, there must be something in the water here. What were we thinking?

All I could think of was … “Oh hail, my new car!” “Oh hail, my roof!” “Oh hail, that is bouncing off my windows!” Continue reading

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